Past Products

Past Products

Every organisation builds a culture that it believes would help it excel and provide its students and employees a fulfilling experience and enriching environment. The work we do, the courses we study, the food we eat, the clothes we dress and the way we relax after a tiring day are all parts for our culture.

In addition to a common shared culture, every group of people need an identity to which they can relate to as a group. It is this purpose that Merchandising and Retail Committee (MERC) strives to fulfil. Every year, a wide array of products are launched for the community. These products carry in them a part of our college, which we want to stay close to. These are made by the community and for the community. These are the clothes that we wear, and the stuffs we use daily, like flasks, mugs and keychains. 

Be it students, faculty, staffs, and alumni, IIMU has been and will always be a vital part of our life, irrespective of where we are now currently. IIMU stays in our heart. Lots of memories were made here and lots are being made right now. We, members of MERC, take pleasure in converting some of these intangible feelings and emotions into the stuffs that we want to carry with us and make us feel connected to our college.

Below are a list of some of our college merchandises. 


Casual (Round-neck) T-shirts


Polo T-shirts

Winter Wear

Utilities and Gift items